4 Week Online Class Series
Strong, Functional Core & Pelvic Floor 4 Week Series

Strong and Functional Pelvic Floor and Core

Do you want to develop functional strength in your core and pelvic floor without 5000 kegels or crunches and sit-ups? You're in the right place!

I've moved my most popular class series to a safe at home option!

This 4 week series focuses on strengthening your core, relieving back pain, and alleviating pelvic floor dysfunction using alignment, identifying our movement patterns and restorative exercises. It is geared towards any woman with core dysfunctions, such as: postpartum issues, diastasis recti, sneeze pee, and constant back pain. This step-by-step series is designed to get you stronger, more supple, more balanced and more functional.

Class Structure: Each week will have 10 minutes of practical application digging into alignment, movement patterns and a deep understanding of core recruitment strategies AND you'll receive a 45-55 minute exercise class.

How it works: You'll have access to these videos for the full week, allowing you to choose when you have time to incorporate them into your weekly schedule, and also, if you're a crazy over achiever, feel free to do them more than once! The next week, you'll receive a the videos for the second week following the same format each for the 4 weeks, with access to that content for 1 week. This set up creates the most scheduling flexibility, rather than streaming a live video that you then have to watch live or only have access to for 24 hours. This is not an online course, but a class series and is structured as such. 

Am I flexible/strong enough for this series? If you can get up and down off the ground comfortably, you'll be a great fit for this series. No need to touch your toes or be able to lift heavy weights! This class is designed for rehabilitating strength and function through movement!

Do I need special equipment?

No, I will be using a yoga strap, a yoga block and a half foam roller, a blanket or pillow, along with occasionally a chair for balance. You can use a scarf or a belt, a rolled up towel or pair of jeans, a stair step or a tissue box. You can get creative and move with what you have!

I'm not sure if I'd rather do the series in person? If you're local, that decision is up to you. I offer a 6 week series in Canby Oregon for $80. I'm unsure when it will be safe to offer this option again, which is why I'm offering this discounted and easily accessible online version to my community!

Will I be offering another online series?

I don't know. I'm not sure how this pandemic will play out and when it will be safe to have in person classes again. If we stay quarantined for months more, I will probably do another online round, but as of right now, I simply do not know.

 Cost: The entire 4 Week Series costs $35. This is much more than a generic exercise class. This series will teach you in-depth about your core, pelvic floor, optimal recruitment, daily activity assessments and more. I also know for many of us, finances are tight, so I'm pricing this class to reflect these needs.

Your Teacher

I am a long term student with a passion for anatomy and physiology and is focused on teaching functional movement to the prenatal and postnatal community in the Oregon City area. I have trained extensively with Katy Bowman through Nutritious Movement™, certifying as Restorative Exercise Specialists and are certified Restore Your Core™ Teachers and trained in the Body Ready Method. I teach with deep compassion after having walked through my own healing journey with pelvic floor dysfunction (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) as well as a 5 finger Diastasis Recti after having 4 boys in 5 1/2 years! I can now run, jump and sneeze to my heart and pelvic floors content without leaking and love sharing my knowledge with my community!

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