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Come and let us serve you!
A 2 hour workshop focused on you, the birth worker and your specific needs!
What to expect from this workshop:
Develop a deeper understand in how movement supports the body.
Movements to integrate into your practice
Practical and applicable tools for you and your clients
Nervous system down-regulation practice
Community connection and snacks
A take home Self Care Practice in Practice Guide
This workshop focused on self care will be offered quarterly, so you can build on the information and have time to integrate between workshops! 

Your Teachers

Shana Celnicker-Chong is a prenatal yoga teacher with a long list of qualifications, including being a naturopath, midwife and doula! Erin Underwood is a long term student with a passion for anatomy and physiology and is focused on teaching functional movement to the prenatal and postnatal community in the Oregon City area. Both have trained extensively with Katy Bowman, certifying as Restorative Exercise Specialists and are certified Restore Your Coreā„¢ Teachers and trained in the Body Ready Method.

We'd Love To Have You Join Us!

Our intention is to serve the Pacific Northwest Birth Working Community with education and self care tools, providing an environment of community, care and long term function so you can thrive!


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