Thriving Birth Worker Movement Method

Ready to thrive in your own body? Ready to change your perspective on movement and exercise and lose the guilt and shame and feeling like you're not doing enough ever?

This course is designed to strengthen the birth worker body to move with sustainability and long term function as well as teach you to support your own nervous system through down regulation practices.

If you're a birth worker ready to use movement as a powerful tool for self care, strength and function, sign up for our wait list to be notified as soon as we open the doors to this powerful program!

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About Me

Hi there! I'm Erin Underwood, a functional movement specialist and host of the Thriving Birth Worker Podcast.

I'm passionate about seeing birth workers come into a place where they are supported and know their value.

I use movement as a tool to help you facilitate the life you want and experience joy and strength in your own skin. Watching my clients coming home to themselves is my greatest pleasure!

My Certifications:

CPT-RE from Nutritious Movement™, RYC™Certified Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher, Perpetual Student of all things Movement and Anatomy

Course Sessions Outline:


  1.  Course Introduction
  2. Alignment - How to Self-Assess
  3. Sitting - Learning to Sit with Alignment in Mind
  4. Hands & Knees Work - Modifications to Ensure Success
  5. Walking - Small Adjustments for Big Gains

Module 1 - Back Strength:

  1. Build Core Strength Through Stabilizing the Spine
  2. Hip Mobilization Vs Spinal Articulation
  3. Glute & Hamstring Engagement to Support the Back
  4. Learning to Activate the Elusive Side-Hip Muscles

Module 2 - Core Strength:

  1. How Spinal Stability Enables the Core to Fire Optimally

  2. Differentiating Between Core Stability & Spinal & Rib Mobility

  3. Engaging the Core in All Different Positions - Not Just Prone

Module 3 - Upper Body Strength:

  1. Differentiating Between Shoulder Movement & Rib Stability
  2. Neutral Head Position for Neck & Shoulder Relief
  3. Arm & Shoulder Strength
  4. Strength Training & Sustainable Career Longevity

Module 4 - Ground Movement:

  1. Discerning Individual Physical Limitations
  2. Bolstering & Modifications
  3. Developing Targeted Movement Protocols for Increased Mobility & Strength
  4. Creative Movement Options That Work for Your Body

Module 5 - Nervous System Down-Regulation:

  1. Psoas Release
  2. Movement & the Nervous System
  3. Practical Embodiment Practices
  4. Down-Regulations Through Neurogenic Shaking
  5. Somatic Practices for a Healthy Nervous System

Bonus Content:

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Accreditation from MEAC for 11 contact hours.

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