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What Does It Look Like to Move with Strength and Joy? 


Want to level up in your movement and exercise strategies? Let's see which one of my courses would be the perfect fit for you!

Want to know where to start?

Your body is powerful and capable, but often we don't experience this. With a few small shifts you can be on your way to moving towards strength! In my FREE Mindful Movement Essentials Course you'll get access to the 4 foundational elements covering how we sit, stand, breath and move plus exercises to support all these areas enabling you to become your specific body's very own movement professional! Plus a BONUS 20 minute exercise class, all digging into how you move through your everyday life, and what small shifts you can make to create a supportive ecosystem in your own skin! 


"I am finally doing some movement at least weekly. I love how Erin explains things and how she cues movements. The class feels very inviting, approachable and doable for a novice. The movement helps me to feel stronger, empowered and relaxed. I have really enjoyed understanding how my body works and what I can do to help support it now and longer term. I love that I am able to tweak my daily activities to move in a way that is more supportive and in many cases more comfortable. Especially since I have so much more knowledge about how my body works and what changes can effect how it works. "

"I love how I feel more in control and aware of my body and I am gaining more strength in areas I didn't know I could strengthen. "

"I had no idea what I was getting into when I took the first class. What I found was exactly what I didn't realize I needed and love. It's just my type of exercise and movement. I have really enjoyed learning from Erin's knowledge."

"I had pain in my lower back after being busy and active over a long weekend and because I had taken Erin's classes I knew just what to do to help my body and once I took time to go through the different movements Erin had taught me I felt so much better!"

"I’ve had intense pain during my monthly cycle ever since my son was born (years). The only thing I’ve changed is starting to take Erin's classes. I have NO pain this month! It’s amazing!"

"I had been struggling for almost a year with knee pain that was preventing me from walking any distances. After going to several health professionals with no answers, I went to one of Erin's classes. After ONE class, my knee pain was gone! She brought awareness to my movement habits that I hadn't seen before and once I made a simple change, my body could heal!"

"I got so much out of learning with Erin. It has helped me be so much more self-aware of my body and how it helps me do what I need to do, and how to do that more efficiently and safely. I really enjoyed the isometric benefits with some of the moves, as well. Lastly, Erin is an outstanding teacher, always reminding us of how we should be breathing, holding our body parts, etc. That's something you do not get in a yoga class, although I do love yoga as well. This, however, is something I would give priority to over yoga because of the long-term benefits to how your body works and feels."

"I loved the educational instruction in addition to the movement. I now know why I was doing the moves and how to adjust them in my day to day life."


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