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Thank you so much for your interest in joining our affiliate team!

I love partnering with others working as a team to support our amazing community. 

If you’re ready to share these incredible, life changing tools with your community, I’d like to invite you to join the Erin Underwood Movement Affiliate Program, and I'll send you 30% of all sales that are generated from the referrals you send my way!

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who believes in our programs and uses ethical promotions only (no spam). Websites, social media, and marketplaces are preferred means for referrals.

Anyone who has a community who believes in the power of joyful movement and education and wants to share that with their friends/clients while receiving generous recurring commissions can apply by clicking the button below!

How do I get started?

If you are ready to apply to be an affiliate, simply complete the form on the Affiliate Registration Page by clicking the "Apply Today!" button below.

We'll review your application and if you’re approved, and then you'll be able to grab your affiliate links, promo materials and track your stats via the Affiliate Portal. You'll also receive emails from Erin when there are new free classes or online series or monthly challenges for you to promote.

To help our affiliates with sales, we also offer a unique $15 discount code for the first month of the online membership that you as an affiliate can offer to each of your clients. You will find that code once you login to your affiliate area.

If you are already an approved affiliate, you can sign in to the Affiliate Portal by clicking the "Affiliate Login" button in the footer below.



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