Meet Erin



Hi, I’m Erin, a movement coach that is passionate about helping women become the experts of their own bodies. 

What does it mean to “become the expert of your own body”?

I create movement education to help women feel strong, functional and at home in their own skin. 

Hi, I’m Erin, a movement coach that is passionate about helping women become the experts of their own bodies.

What does it mean to “become the expert of your own body”?

I create movement education to help women feel strong, functional and at home in their own skin.


My focus is NOT "no pain, no gain" or simply: "take up less space with your body!"

Instead, I’ll help you know HOW to move your body and WHAT your movement choices are so you can live your life feeling full of ease and peace.

I teach based off of the latest in movement science with a strong focus of understanding your body and empowering you to be the expert of your movement practice.

I’m no stranger to this process… 

I grew up athletic participating in gymnastics, basketball, softball and my greatest love: competitive swimming. When I transitioned from High School to college I fumbled around a bit, trying to see what my movement practice should be. I soon ended up just going to the gym and exercising 3-5 days a week after school or work. This was the extent of my practice...

...until I became a mother.

...until I became a mother.

Motherhood is so full and wonderful and complicated and hard.

I adore being a mom. It’s been one of the biggest blessings and honors of my life. But this transition was very challenging for me! I had pretty intense PPD (Postpartum Depression) with my first and my second was born 16 months later, with two more shortly after. I suddenly found myself with 4 children 5 years old and under! 

At this point my body felt broken. I was struggling with pelvic floor heaviness, leaking and prolapse. My abdominal muscles were separated. I had chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain and tension headaches. I felt like I was falling apart even though I wasn’t 30 yet! It was a very dark period in my life. 

Finally! I found functional movement!

You know when someone tells you to just “eat healthy” and that seems so complicated and depends on who you talk to what that means to them? Well - That’s how I felt about movement and exercise. The ‘just do it’ mentality wasn’t helping me. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, had no time to go to a gym and was terrified at the thought that doing so might actually make things worse in my body.

After many hours of research, I found the work of Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement. I read all her blogs about functional movement, how culture shapes our perspectives on, and our experiences with movement. My body’s responses started making sense; and, most importantly, I saw how malleable and influenceable our bodies truly are - it all depends on the inputs we give them!

My journey back to core and pelvic floor health and function took a year.

It was full of tiny and do-able shifts. I started with 5 minute walks. That’s it! It progressed to foot and ankle exercises and mobility while I did the dishes. Then I started standing with my pelvis over my ankles to support my whole core and back. I shifted how I sat to not put as much pressure on my pelvic floor. Each of these shifts soon became second-nature, and domino effect of further healthy shifts have continued to this day. 

As I healed, I slowly added tiny habits. And I was elated to find my experience in my body shifted dramatically over the course of the year. I built confidence in my ability to meet my body where it’s at - to know how to build strength while healing my injuries.

Just 18 months later, I felt like a new person!

I could run down a sand dune full speed or jump on a trampoline and not leak or throw out my back. I could climb over river rocks and not feel unstable or like I was about to hurt myself. I could play with my kids on the ground and feel at home in my body rather than laying on the couch watching them all day. Yes, I had closed my diastasis recti and completely healed my prolapse. 

That’s when I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up!

I went through Katy Bowman's Nutritious Movement’s 2 year certification course to become a Certified Personal Trainer in Restorative Exercise (CPT-RE). I have studied for over 1,000 hours with different specialists in biomechanics and specialized movement science to understand the core and pelvic floor, the prenatal and postnatal body, and how to use functional movement to build strength. 

My belief is that there is always hope.

Your body and you are doing the best you know how to. You CAN learn about your wonderful body and how to support it to achieve your goals. 

Change is possible. 

I don’t sell quick fixes. I don’t promise overnight results. But I have seen over and over again my amazing clients change their lives by taking my classes and incrementally applying what they learn! 

I was stronger at 35 than I was at 18, after giving birth to 4 full term babies (something our culture says ‘ruins’ our bodies)! I love living and teaching counter-culturally so that we can all continue to move into health, function and strength!

Exercise doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated...

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