Hey there, I'm Erin!
I work with people who are ready to move in their bodies with joy and strength, and are looking for practical answers to pain and dysfunction. 

 I give them the tools to move towards exactly what they want, which is to live joyfully, comfortably and fully present in their own skin.

I also have a deep passion for supporting the birth community, including specializing in pre and postnatal exercise but also extending to supporting the birth workers, who are quite frankly super heroes in my book!

I have trained people in different movement modalities for almost 20 years (What! how did that happen?). 

When I’m not teaching amazing group classes to awesome folks and creating online education, I can be found stepping on legos, talking strategy with my husband, playing board games with friends, and hanging on random things while wearing weird shoes.

I am an imperfect and passionate mom to 4 boys, wife to my best friend, loved by my God and learning to live full of gratitude and to be present in this moment by being in this body!


Random Facts About Me:

I'm a nature lover with no green thumb, I can keep children alive but not plants. True story. I'm working on keeping a cactus alive. I'm very proud of my growth in this area.

I’m a water baby. I grew up swimming and on the swim team. My favorite places to be are near moving water. The river, the beach, by a stream, they all feed my soul and make me want to get in!

Two of each of my toes are webbed. The only real impact this had on my life was my deep disappointment in middle school to not be able to participate in the toe sock fad.

I met my husband when we were 15 years old. We played Lysander and Hermia in A Midsummer’s Nights Dream in the high school play. I thought it was incredibly good acting on my part to act like I was in love with this boy! We fell in love in real life 5 years later.

I can’t sleep unless my room is super cold. I love cold. Especially at night. A super cold room and blankets piled on top of me is the most comforting and down-regulating thing for me at the end of the day. Even when the temps drop to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, I will still open the window and have a fan blowing in! And my husband still loves me. I’ve really have found true love.

I wear weird shoes and am a floor sitter.

I am VERY competitive. Wanna play a board game? :) 

Being a boy mom is something I'm super comfortable with, I grew up more of a tomboy, hanging out with the guys, and I get boys and find them super fun. 

I do nothing half way. I have a climbing structure in my living room to prove it. I'm a weirdo, but if I love you, I will love you with my whole heart!

My Movement Training
Some movement modalities I have studied are restorative exercise, pilates, gymnastics and swimming. I have coached or taught some type of movement since high school!
I have learned from some amazing minds, a couple of my certifications are:
I am a Certified Personal Trainer in Restorative Exercise™ (CPT-RE), studying under Katy Bowman at Nutritious Movement™.
I am a Restore Your Core™ Certified Teacher. As I continued my search for healing, I found RYC™ and Lauren Ohayon.
I continue to study under many different teachers and love hearing different perspectives and thought processes. I don’t believe there is one right way, but I do know our bodies are designed to move and crave movement on a much higher level than our sedentary culture presents it with and that it is an indispensable tool.