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What I offer:

  • Online Functional Movement Coaching- One on one via online or in person connection as well as all my online offerings.
  • Birth Doula Services
  • Prenatal/Postnatal Movement Coaching


Birth Doula Services:

My doula services:

Birth is a treasured and sacred space. I honor you, your body and your intuition. I also offer solid scientific and anatomic heavy education with compassion and understanding. I will never take the place of any other member of your support team. And I will fully support any decision you make.

As your doula I will provide:

Position ideas and resources

Support you and your plan and goals

Continually insure that you feel safe, heard, and respected

Encourage your partner to eat, drink, and rest at appropriate times, so you don’t have to

Be a constant support

After the newest addition to your family makes their appearance, I will assist you in cleaning up, getting comfortable, and nourishing yourself after birth.

If you're in the Oregon City area looking for a doula, let's connect!

Birth/Prenatal Support packages range from $800-$1500

Ready to get started? Let’s chat! Email me at: [email protected] 


Self Care for Birth Workers Workshop

Coming Soon

Saturday afternoon, 4-6 PM

My dear friend and colleague Shana (From Your Center -Movement & Yoga) and I are offering a special 2 hour workshops geared towards birth workers! It's a powerful time of movement, down regulation practices as well as practical application to support you in your powerful and amazing work!

Location: Milwaukie OR

Cost: $25


Private Sessions:

I offer a limited number of private sessions a month to help find your blind spots, achieve your physical health goals and achieve the break through you're looking for! I specialize in female health and helping birth workers move out of repetitive patterns so they can have longevity and joy in their practice serving their clients.

If you want to move with intention, strength and function, reach out to me via email and we will see if we’d be a good fit at [email protected]


I also receive requests from practitioners, healthcare providers and studio owners to facilitate workshops, which if my schedule allows, am happy to do. My most popular workshops include; Self Care for Birth Workers, 4 Steps to a Strong Core and Pelvic Floor, Aging with Strength, How to Move When You’re in Pain, and a Healthy and Strong Feet Workshop. If you are interested in discussing details around the specifics of what would work for you and your clients, please email me! [email protected]

To inquire about a scheduling a private session, please email me at – [email protected]


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