Thriving Birth Worker Podcast

Thriving Birth Worker Podcast

Hosted by: Erin Underwood

Whether you're a midwife, doula, OBGYN, or labor and delivery nurse the Thriving Birth Worker Podcast is for you! Join your host, Erin Underwood, for conversations focused on education, community and supporting you,...

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40. My Story - Miscarriage at 17 Weeks

Welcome friend. Today’s topic is a heavy one. I want to take a moment to have you pause and check in with your own heart before we charge into this topic and story. I’m going to be sharing my miscarriage story, raw...
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I'm Back & Where I've Been!

Episode #39

Hello friends! It’s been quite a few months since I took my hiatus from this podcast, and I wanted to give you a quick update before diving into some deep content over the next few episodes. The last episode was aired...
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Down Regulation & Real Talk

Episode #38

Hello fellow birth workers! Today's episode is a little different. Here's some background before I explain. Life has been a lot, for all of us. Personally, I'm quite sensitive to being overwhelmed and overstimulated....
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Thriving in Midwifery & Business with Hearth & Home Midwifery

Episode #37

Hello friends! I’m so excited to share this interview with you today! I had the chance to talk to Sarah and Charli from Hearth and Home Midwifery who serve here in the Willamette Valley here in the PNW in Oregon,...
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Mentor Session with The Doula Darcy

Episode #36

Hello fellow birth workers! I’m really excited for today’s conversation! This is going to be our second mentor session on the podcast. What is a mentor session? Well, I’m so glad you asked. It’s basically, if you...
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35. How Movement Healed Me

Episode #35

Hello fellow birth workers. Today I’m excited to get pretty vulnerable with you all about my own story with functional movement. How I started out as an athlete, became a couch potato for the sake of motherhood and...
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34. Why Self Care is Hard for Birth Workers?

Episode #34

Hello fellow birth workers! We’re a week into July fo 2020. Everything has been crazy this whole year! Do you remember the Australia fires that started this year? That seems like 5 years ago instead of 5-6 months ago...
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33. The Website Doula - Sarah Juliusson

Episode #33

I’m so glad you’re here today, because today’s episode is GOLD! Now it’s about a topic many of us might find overwhelming or unapproachable or we have told ourselves is just quite frankly out of our league. Websites!...
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32. How to Doula Yourself

Episode #32

Hello! Welcome to todays podcast! I’m excited to connect with you today! I’ve been processing today’s podcast for a while now, and getting lots of personal opportunities to experience this topic in my own life, and...
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31. Occupational Therapist Lisa Westhorpe

Episode #31

Occupational Therapists are quite literally the best. Today I get the chance to chat with the amazing Lisa Westhrope. She's the fabulous woman behind Nurture Occupational Therapy and I basically fell in love with her...
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30. Rebecca Bakker, Business Strategist from The Doula Toolbox

Episode #30

I’m also excited to have you meet today’s guest if you haven’t already! Many of us working in the birth worker field are pretty entrepreneurial. We may not have realized it in the beginning, but as we dove into this...
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29. Sitting in Discomfort & Shoes

Episode #29

Hello friends! 2020 has been and continues to be quite the ride. I want to acknowledge how the world is right now so I’m going to read a social media post I wrote up today. I want to share about how physical movement...
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