Thriving Birth Worker

Welcome to Thriving Birth Worker!

A space for movement, community, education and support, all geared specifically for the birth worker! 


A podcast for birth workers! Conversations focused on education, community and supporting you in your long term mission to serve the birthing world!

Thriving Birth Worker Movement Method Course

This course is designed to strengthen the birth worker body to move with sustainability, strength and long term function as well as supporting the nervous system in down regulating practices.

Resource Page

Knowing you need to point your clients to an outside source and knowing what outside resources are available are sometimes two different things! This is an every growing list of resources for you to utilize!

Birth Work is a Physical and Emotional Job

One of the biggest physical pain points I hear from birth workers is how their back gets the brunt of their daily work, which is why I've created the Four Shifts to a Stronger Back Guide for you laying out four powerful and practical shifts you can make in your body as you move and serve with strength and function.


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