Episode 10: Interview with Brandy Cummings - Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Today's interview was fascinating! I got to chat with Brandy Cummings a Functional Medicine Nutritionist! We dove into the nitty gritty of how food can be a tool during the prenatal and postnatal season, without dogma or hype! 

Brandy Cummings is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. After years of battling her own health struggles and infertility, she eventually unlocked her happy place to finally THRIVE and welcome a beautiful healthy baby girl into the world. Regaining her health was a long, laborious, and frustrating process where she knew she needed to help other women to finally THRIVE. This is why she started Thriving Vitality LLC. She want YOU to be thriving and full of vitality so YOU can live the life that YOU want for YOURSELF and your FAMILY!

Topics covered in this episode: 

  • Our preconceptions around nutrition 
  • Baby centered care vs Mom and Baby care
  • What functional nutrition is
  • Importance of protein in pregnancy
  • Empowering women with power of information connected to infertility
  • Trauma and autoimmune conditions
  • Trauma and support
  • Nutrition and stress
  • Best tips for on call/swing shift workers who need to be prepared to walk out to door any minute but want to eat in a way that feeds their brain and body

Find out more about Brandy at: https://thrivingvitalityllc.com/

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