Episode 15: Movement Stress & Trauma Part 1

Today I’m super excited because I get to talk to you about one of the things I love most in the whole world, movement for stress reduction! That’s right! Most of the time when we talk about exercise, most people associate it with a list of ‘shoulds’, something on their list they’re not doing and feel like they should be, something they’re not doing enough of or any of, something that doesn’t fit into their lives and because of that they are somehow failing. I love flipping this narrative on it’s head!

In this episode I cover:

  • Movement VS Exercise
  • Hunter Gatherer habits and shifting out of our cultural perspective of movement
  • Mindset shifts connected to exercise: All or nothing, Certain things ‘don’t count’, Avoidance mentality, Feeling inconvenienced by movement
  • How movement is empowering
  • Small movements matter
  • Proprioception- what it is, how to develop a stronger connection to your body, and how it lowers stress and anxiety
  • Movement is more than just physical
  • Movement as self care
  • Practical Steps to incorporating more movement with less stress


My reminder to you today is that your body is beautiful, capable and strong. Finding your boundaries and playing at the edge is where you can build more strength, but building more strength and function is accessible to everyone! You can move into living life of strength and function, joy and abundance.

If you have some specific area’s you’d like to incorporate movement into your work as a birth worker but feel stuck and unsure, remember I’m here, you can email me at any time and I’ll also be happy to add your ideas to my youtube channel list!

If you’re wanting to see start playing around with proprioception in your own body, I recommend starting with my Four Shifts to a Stronger Back Guide. It gives you 4 shifts you can back to support your body, but also the tools to shift from assuming you know where your pelvis is at in space and in your body, to slowing down and checking and creating a new neural brain map, let's build that proprioceptive network! It’s actually nerdy and fun!

Remember to tune into to Part 2 next week where we dive more into the trauma side of how movement can impact our emotional health and healing! I’m so grateful for you and you’re work, how you serve this amazing community! If you’re enjoying these episodes I’d so appreciate it if you would rate, subscribe and review! It makes a huge impact on our ability to reach other birth workers and continue our mission to support the supporters!


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