Episode 20: Mentorship Session with Kristen Downer

Have you ever wished for a mentor in your life? Someone with years of experience and success and the ability to be real and honest, funny and raw and talk about it all? Maybe you have that, which if you do - hold on to those amazing folks in your life!  I’m calling today's episode a mentor session - because that’s exactly what it is!

Kristen is a professional midwife dedicated to serving families in the Pacific Northwest. Over the last two decades she has devoted her knowledge, experience, and practical understanding in helping to guide mothers and their families during the prenatal, birth, and postpartum phase of their lives. She enjoys working closely with her clients and sharing the many different styles, techniques, and skills adapted while working alongside some of the most reputable midwives in Oregon. Her immense understanding of childbirth and parenting allows her to find the most specialized approach for each one of her clients.


In this episode we cover:

  • Kristen’s background and how she got into midwifery
  • The most common areas she coaches the new midwifes she mentors
  • The top 3 things you hope they understand by the time they’re done with their training for the newer midwife or midwifery student
  • Longevity- Kristen’s non-negotiable’s for not burning out
  • Processing the hardships of birth
  • Self Care
  • Her experienced with burn out and how she processed it
  • On call and family life
  • 3 practical mindset tools or shifts for longevity
  • The birth of Tiny Love Doula Training
  • An overview of the books she’s written


I felt so encouraged after talking to her! She is a powerhouse and a light in this community! I feel so blessed to be able to connect. Often I feel birth work and the on call life can seem so heavy, hard and draining, while there are moments that are incredibly hard, the core of this work is powerful and honoring and life giving, not just for our clients! If you’d like to connect with Kristen, are interested in her online doula certification or any of her books I hope you check out all her information and connect with this amazing woman!

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I hope you have a good week, connect with those your love via the internet, if you need extra connection or support, reach out to me. I love chatting in the DM’s of social media or via email! I’m here, we’re moving through all this together and cheering each other on! Bye for now!



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