Episode 24: Let's Breakdown the Period - Movement Edition

Hey friends! Today I’m digging into a topic we covered last week with the AMAZING Nicole Jardim ( if you haven’t had a chance to listen, jump on over to that episode after this one, as it’s a perfect complement to this one) but from my angle of the movement perspective. We’re going to get all science-y, understand biologically how a period works, and what movement has to do with any of it! Then we’ll discuss why blood flow through movement in the pelvis can have a dramatic positive effect!


In this episode I cover:

  • Basic anatomical understanding of what happens during a functional period
  • Basic anatomical understanding of ways the period can not go as smoothly
  • How 50-80% of women have primary dysmenorrhea and what it is
  • How a period is a movement of blood on many different layers and levels
  • How does movement play into all of this
  • I guide you through a pelvic mobility exploration sequence

And more! This was a fun podcast to record! Do you like getting all science-y with me? Do you have any specific questions on how movement can support biological functions? Send me an email, and I'd love to answer you questions in an upcoming podcast!

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