Episode 29: Sitting in Discomfort & Shoes

Hello friends! 2020 has been and continues to be quite the ride. I want to acknowledge how the world is right now so I’m going to read a social media post I wrote up today. I want to share about how physical movement can lead into all other types of change and why it matters.

I don’t normally do super straight talk on my social media. I’m all about encouraging you and supporting you and not being another voice that adds pressure or shame or feeling less than.

Today I don’t want you to feel any of those things either. But I’m going to be direct.

I’ve been being direct with myself over the last few weeks. It keep intensifying. First off, know I’m an internal processor, I’m not one to post new and raw emotions online, so this won’t become a regular thing for me, but this statement is something I’m leaning into a lot right now.

Growth and positive change require discomfort.

Change doesn’t happen on accident. Change doesn’t happen because we hope it does. Change doesn’t happen because of wishful thinking and well wished. I am convinced of the power of prayer, but if that prayer doesn’t cause you to then turn around and do something, be convicted about something, then I’d ask if you’re able to listen.

I believe in the value of leaning into hard things with intension. This is why I teach the type of movement I do. It’s not flashy or sexy, I don’t promise you change or healing, but I promise you tools if YOU do the work. If you are willing to learn about YOUR own body, movement patterns and if you are willing to move. You can watch all my videos and how to’s and tutorials, but if you don’t move your body, you won’t see change.

And going from not moving to moving is HARD. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. There are so many neural pathways and habits and values that need to be evaluated, questioned, pushed through and honestly there are days where it’s a wrestling match with ourselves to make our actions align with what we say our values are.

The art and practice of being honest with yourself about how our values and actions align is a long, painful and UNCOMFORTABLE process.

It’s unavoidable friends. If you want growth, you have to embrace change.

The world we live in right now needs change. It needs love and people who are willing to love by being willing to do the hard things.
So I’m going to continue to teach movement, but know there’s always a deeper message behind what I teach. I’m always asking you if you’re willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of growth and change and love.

Movement matters. Being willing to move your body, move your position, beliefs if they're wrong, lean into new neural pathways, all of it happens on purpose. Change doesn’t happen on accident or easily, but it’s so so worth it.

I keep coming back to my intentional movement practice to bring me back into me. With so much media and life happening and trying to keep up with it all, I keep feeling pulled into places where change doesn’t happen, just darkness. I can move myself quite literally out of that space. I keep coming back the the Stress and Immune Support Classes I created for this time. They are very grounding and help me process from a place of being present. This isn’t movement where you zone out, plug in your head phones or watch your favorite show grateful to disconnect with your body while it’s doing something uncomfortable. It’s movement where you have to feel it all. Feel where you’re moving and where you’re not, notice your blind spots and then do the hard work of feeling like you can’t do something very well, but that’s where we all start.

If your body is needing some grounding movement, follow the link in my show notes to get access to 2 free 10 minute movement classes. Intentional movement is a powerful spring board.


The topic for today flows quite well from this idea. Shoes!

There are some personalities that LOVE their shoes, they are always on the hunt for a new cute pair or others of us have a stressful relationship with shoes, either because of our job requirements or the feet we have, our shoes can cause pain and discomfort.

In today's Episode I cover:

  • Bit of shoe history
  • Foot anatomy
  • Minimalist shoes- What, Why and When
  • Foot pain tips
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bunions
  • Best shoes for birth workers
  • Tips for Birth Workers
  • Practicing embodiment during a birth with our feet

Resources: Whole Body Barefoot by Katy Bowman, Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief, By Katy Bowman


In my upcoming online classes, I’ll be including some foot exercise videos and classes, so be sure to be apart of my newsletter to be kept in the loop on everything coming up!

If you have any questions that have surfaced, Feel free to email me at any time [email protected]


If you’re wanting to move your body in an intentional and grounding way, I have several free classes you can get started with today. My Back Strength Classes and Lymphatic Flow Classes are wonderful places to start.


Grateful for you, your love and service to your community that is so needed right now. Thank you for being willing to support your own body as your support your birthing community!


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