Episode 33: The Website Doula - Sarah Juliusson

Hello friends! We officially made it into July of 2020!
This month is especially exciting for me and my business, I can’t let too much out of the bag, but let’s just say, I’ve been working ridiculously hard behind the scenes and you won’t want to miss next weeks episode! Wink wink

I’m so glad you’re here today, because today’s episode is GOLD! Now it’s about a topic many of us might find overwhelming or unapproachable or we have told ourselves is just quite frankly out of our league. Websites! Did you cringe? Did your groan a little? That’s ok and very normal, and also, that means today’s episode is perfect for you! Over the last few months, we’ve seen a transition into the online world on a level that is off the charts. Many of us are navigating bringing our work online, even if it wasn’t our first choice, because we have to  to safely serve our clients. It has been overwhelming and scary for many of us. This episode will feel like a doula taking your hand and providing the calm and clarity we all need right now as we navigate all the tech stuff!

If you have your own website or not, my guest Sarah Juliusson is the perfect person to chat with us birth workers about all the details behind a website, why you need one, first steps to take and how to approach it in a new way that makes perfect sense for the birth worker brain!

Sarah Juliusson is the founder of The Website Doula. As a website designer and developer, her goal is to feel more like a website doula. She offers practical, emotional, and technical support from the conception through the birth of your dream website for your business. You enjoy the benefits of working with a web designer who understands the unique online needs of a holistic service business website, from registration forms to testimonials and resource

I’ll be honest with you, after talking to her, she really is as amazing as she sounds! I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Sarah, the website doula!

In today's episode we covered:

  • Sarah's experience as a birth worker herself
  • Technology and age groups
  • Why is a website so powerful and basically necessary in this time?
  • Why copying other websites won't get you clients, even if it wasn't wrong!
  • How do you know WHAT to say on your website?
  • Top 3 Mistakes you see people make when it comes to websites
  • Top 3 tips you have for birth workers and their websites
  • How creating a website like giving birth
  • And so much more!

Isn’t she the best! If you want to check out her amazing offerings head on over to her website, thewebsitedoula.com . Now if you KNOW you need to rebuild or build your website, and she has graciously offered you all a coupon code for the DIY Website School, 25% off. The coupon code is: thriving

Learn more at https://thewebsitedoula.com/diy-website-school/

If you’re finding these episodes encouraging and helpful, I’d love for you to rate, subscribe and even share with your fellow birth workers. I love finding amazing professionals like Sarah to provide you with amazing information and support, and your support of this podcast is incredibly helpful in spreading the message that birth workers can thrive!



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