Episode 35: How Movement Healed Me

Hello fellow birth workers. Today I’m excited to get pretty vulnerable with you all about my own story with functional movement. How I started out as an athlete, became a couch potato for the sake of motherhood and transitioned into finding my balance and rhythm. When I share that I’m a functional Movement Specialist, I get a lot of questions, it’s not your average title. I get that if I said I was a personal training most people would get it. But also most people would probably assume they know what I do when what I do is quite different, so functional movement specialist it is!


Why does my story matter, well stories are powerful, but mostly I want to take you on my own journey of feeling like I was never doing enough, never strong enough and always feeling like I was behind and how my relationship with functional movement changed me. In reality it was a huge tool in my own healing journey, and not just physically. The peace and strength I feel in my own skin at 36 is so drastically different from what I felt in my body at 26, and every year it keeps getting better. That’s a pretty different narrative than what we generally hear culturally. We’re told you need to be young and thin and athletic to feel that way. Then it’s easy to believe that it’s in accessible to us simply because of our age, body structure and so on. I want to help combat that narrative for you, and the best way I know how is to tell you my story.

In this episode I cover:

  • My history as an athlete
  • Transitioning into working out in a gym
  • Transitioning into motherhood and barely surviving
  • Postpartum depression
  • Injury and chronic pain and their impact on my mental and physical health
  • The beginning of my healing with functional movement
  • Developing sensitivity to my body's signals rather than ignoring and desensitizing and disassociating
  • How the physical work affected my internal world
  • Believing you’re worthy of understanding and studying is a powerful mindset shift
  • Practical steps you can take that are simple and powerful
  • And more!

So that’s my journey, that’s why I’m a functional movement specialist. That’s why I talk about feeling joy and at home in your own skin as your build strength and function. Your body is amazing and I love providing you with the tools you need to provide it with the support and love it deserves!


So how about you? I’d love to hear how you practice mindfulness in and with your body. And again if you are wanting to join a community workshop where we dig into this work together, I would love to have you join me for my free upcoming online workshop. 

I’d love to invite you to a free 1 hour online workshop I’m holding just for you! Understanding HOW to support yourself while you’re attending a birth or even driving in your car to see a client, utilizing the time you’re already working to pay attention to and support your body is powerful.

I’d love to have you join me for my free 1 hour workshop - 3 Powerful Movement Habits for Birth Workers. We’ll do a bit of anatomy education, move together and answer questions. Quick and effective and fun. And yes, there will be a replay because I totally understand the on call life!

I’m so excited to have you join me, July 16th and 22th, same workshop but two time options. Save your seat here! 


I’m also excited to announce the launch of the Thriving Birth Worker Movement Method course! This is a step by step course the is designed to support both your physical body and your nervous system, a holistic and practical approach to movement and self care. And it’s also accredited or 11 continued education hours through MEAC which DONA recognizes and accepts as well. This is a powerful place to start supporting your body, building strength for a sustainable and long career, takes the decision fatigue out of movement and trains you on how to integrate it into your everyday life, leaving you feeling strong and resilient. I’d love to welcome you into the course! Click here to find out more!


This is your weekly reminder from me that you matter, Your body matter, your emotional health matters, self care is not selfish, you deserve to feel at home and peace in your own skin. I’m so grateful to come along side is amazing community and support you while your support the birthing community. I raise my glass of ice tea to you and to your thriving birth worker life. Cheering you one and excited to connect soon! 

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