Episode 4: Interview with Dr. Erin Bowe

Dr. Erin Bowe is a Clinical & Perinatal Psychologist and coach in Victoria supporting birth workers through birth work. After watching her own Doula struggling to process the unfolding of her second traumatic birth it occurred to her – where is the support? where is the trauma informed practice? 

She has over 10 years experience working in private practice assisting women and families with perinatal support before and during pregnancy, and even postpartum with parent coaching and child/adolescent mental health.

You can find more information from Dr Erin Bowe at her website.

Topics covered in this episode: 

  • What is vicarious trauma?
  • What does allowing yourself to fully experience your emotions look like?
  • How compassion is the antidote to trauma
  • Allowing self compassion
  • Allowing yourself to feel in front of your clients
  • How to process resistance to self care?
  • Practical self care tools and so much more!


This Episode's FREEBIE:

We talked in this episode about the power of breath for nervous system support and health, so I've created a video tutorial on explaining a bit of the mechanics of breath, a few things to notice, and a mindful exercise to move into knowing HOW to breathe! You can find that tutorial here!





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