Episode 40: My Story - Miscarriage at 17 Weeks

Welcome friend. Today’s topic is a heavy one. I want to take a moment to have you pause and check in with your own heart before we charge into this topic and story. I’m going to be sharing my miscarriage story, raw and real and vulnerable. If this isn’t something your heart needs right now, feel free to move onto another episode!

So, if you haven’t listened to the last episode, the recap of my last few months, I encourage you to pause, jump back and listen and come back, because it will help fill in a few gaps for you.

Let’s get into it.

In this story I cover:

  • My backstory and history with miscarriage
  • My history with Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • My 6 year break leading up to this miscarriage
  • How this pregnancy progressed
  • Evacuating the Oregon wild fires while on bedrest
  • Filming Online Studio Prenatal classes trimester by trimester in real time
  • How the miscarriage started
  • Transferring to the ER
  • How my body was able to use neurogenic shaking to support me during the traumatic event
  • The process of delivering my son in Labor and Delivery
  • How my OBGYN was SO empowering to me while I was in the middle of a situation I had no control over.
  • What's next?

What was my healing and recovery like? I’m going to cover that in the next episode. I’m trying to space these out so folks can pick and choose what topics they are interested/up to listening to.

So often after a miscarriage we want to know, HOW do we support them. We can’t make it better as in change what happened, we don’t want to make a mistake and make things worse. I’ll be sharing what was helpful to me, but also share a what I’ve learned from connecting with and talking to other women who have gone through miscarriages as well and what their healing and grief journey looked like.

So that’s the personal journey, what now for the business side of things? If you’re new here, I’m a functional movement coach. I got into this world after I healed from prolapse and diastasis recti with functional movement and did copious amounts of training and certifications once I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

And in the last few months of my healing, I’ve felt lead to continue to progress in the studio. I love teaching. I love connecting to my community and moving together. I have talked to so many midwives and doula’s who want their clients to have functional movement options that isn’t just focused on getting their heart rate up and maintaining their weight, but have seen the power of muscles and ligaments that are prepared for birth and postpartum healing and want their clients to have access to these tools that help them know how to nourish their bodies with functional movement.

So, in addition to creating this class series in my online studio (covering core and pelvic floor strengthening, prenatal specific classes, restorative classes, low impact cardio and SO much more!), I’ve excited to announce I've also launched my affiliate program! I want to partner with you in supporting your clients, and you can get 30% off all sales made through your referrals! I make the process super simple and easy and am excited to work as a team to support this community. If this is something you’d be interested in, you can click this link to find all the info on how to apply!

It’s nice to be excited again. It’s nice to be back and able to focus on not just my own survival, but serving and connecting.

Thank you so much for showing up and being willing to have the hard conversations about things that are uncomfortable and truly matter. Thank you for holding space and witnessing my grief, which is an amazing gift I treasure.

Hugs to you and we'll talk again next week!


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