Episode 9: Interview with Jennifer Gleeson Blue, Practicing Embodiment Through Movement

Friends! I'm SO thrilled to present my dear friend Jen Gleeson Blue to you today! She's had a huge impact on my own healing journey and provided so much support for me personally! This conversation really felt like I just got to sit down with someone I respect and soak in all her warmth and kindness and wisdom and I'm so thrilled you get to listen in! 

A bit about Jen:

Jennifer Gleeson Blue guides women to find their freedom, reinitiating their connection to their powerful, majestic and sacred bodies. In her online programs, group coaching, private sessions and workshops, she utilizes a powerful blend of consciousness work and natural movement to unleash the intuitive self while tending very practically to the physical body. She is a certified life coach and a restorative exercise specialist and has logged thousands of hours in the trenches of unravelling her own liberation.

In today's episode we share: 

  • Our own stories of healing and how movement influenced our healing
  • Our journey's towards moving into being home in our on skin
  • Movement vs exercise
  • Embodiment- what is it and how to use movement as a tool for embodiment
  • Emotions and movement
  • Embodiment as a caretaker
  • Self compassion and embodiment


You can connect with Jen on InstagramFacebook and at her website, jennifergleesonblue.com

To go along with today's episode, I highly recommend downloading my guided journaling practice for Self Care. It's asking you some of the same questions I had to ask myself to really understand my own values and believes around self care so I could move into supporting myself with more authenticity and less shame.

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