Episode 2: Compassionate Boundaries: Learning to Stay in our Lanes and Knowing When and How To Refer Out

podcast Dec 03, 2019

In this episode I discuss how to have compassionate boundaries, with ourselves and our clients as well as the strategies for learning to stay within our expertise and breaking down when and how to refer out to other professionals.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Balancing our clients comfort and trust with us and knowing what we can and cannot do
  • Balance between ego- not wanting people to think that we don’t have all the answers
  • Financial- if we refer out, we might lose clients to another professional
  • Why bother with continued education that doesn’t directly impact your scope of expertise
  • How do we network? Shifting to see this not as a waste of time but as a service to our clients. 
  • How does following your gut/intuition play into these types of decisions?
  • Shifting to approach serving the birthing community without a scarcity mentality. There are always and will always be pregnant women. You have a place at the table, you don’t have to have all the puzzle pieces.


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